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Reallusions Hair Replacement Solutions for Women was recently featured on three separate episodes of the Balancing Act television program on the Lifetime Cable Network.

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Reallusions Hair Replacement Solutions for Women

Androgenetic alopecia or genetic hair loss in women can be emotionally difficult and affect a woman's sense of self-esteem and inner beauty. Millions of women (one in four) suffer from some form and degree of hair loss as a result of natural genetic factors, or medical treatments such as chemotherapy or radiation treatments. Beauty is important in any woman's life and her hair is a very large part of that sense of beauty - a part by which she is judged. And when a women suffers from hair loss, the sense of lost privacy, the nervous glances and raised eyebrows of others are especially disconcerting. 

Bonnie is a friend and client of a Transitions member hair loss studio who recently returned to her home in the Midwest after vacationing in Florida.  She brought back this fantastic video footage to share with us.  Bonnie, you're amazing!


Women's Hair Loss Solutions

At Transitions International, our Reallusions custom hair replacement solutions are especially designed to help women find beautiful, practical solutions to their hair loss problems. From Alopecia to Chemotherapy, womenís hair loss is on the rise and now equals the number of men suffering from hair loss. We provide women with a variety of hair loss solutions including

With hair loss on the rise and with more women looking for hair extensions that donít damage natural hair, and that makes Reallusions hair extensions ideal for augmenting your own natural hair, Reallusions is helping women make quality, educated choices with regards to their hair.

Go ahead. Go out in the rain, go to the gym, walk the dog on a windy day, get your picture taken at a family gathering or wedding.  All without worrying about your hair.  The skilled artistic and technical team of Transitions affiliated hair restoration professionals can create for you a sensational new look, or a happy "welcome back" to your own favorite style.

Your Reallusions non-surgical hair replacement or hair addition is exactly like your own natural growing hair. Throw out those hats and scarves. Forget those awful, hot, fake looking wigs. Let go and be yourself, and say goodbye to hair loss issues once and for all.


Find Your Women's Hair replacement Solution.

Find the perfect, custom hair replacement solution for yourself. For information about hair loss treatment options, including hair replacement solutions for both men and women, please use this form to contact us.

Schedule a private consultation with your local Transitions hair loss studio near you and see just how much you have to gain. All consultations are private and confidential, with no obligation to purchase anything.   Schedule your private hair loss consultation now.




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"Thank you so much for all that youíve done and continue to do for me. When I was first diagnosed with my skin disease, my world crumbled and I didnít know which way to turn, but then I found you and youíve been there for me ever since."


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